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Pop Wuj - Spanish School Guatemala

(pronounced "pope-woo"), set in the Highlands of Guatemala, is a collectively owned and operated Spanish language school that has been serving an international crowd of students since our immersion program began in 1992. It takes its name from the title of the great epic    
saga of the Maya-K’iché people, Pop Wuj (The Book of Time). Through a unique mix of intensive Spanish language study and community development, students come to a better understanding of the political, social, and cultural realities of Guatemala, while contributing to a better way of life for families in the rural areas surrounding Quetzaltenango (Xela). Working side by side with their teachers and community members, students have found themselves moved and inspired by their experiences here at Pop Wuj both in the classroom and in the community environments.
Spanish School Mission
Highlands Guatemala
Association Pop Wuj - Spanish School Guatemala is a Guatemalan nonprofit organization. After the teachers and staff draw a modest wage and take care of expenses, the remaining income is dedicated to financing the thriving rural development projects and educational endeavors that the school has undertaken and nurtured over the past 24 years. If you choose to study with us, the money you spend will do more than teach you Spanish, it will help relieve a little of the severe poverty in which so many Guatemalans are now forced to live. If you are interested (and the vast majority of our students are), you will also have the      
chance to work directly on the volunteer projects, side by side with the beneficiaries of the projects. For more information on these community development projects and how to get involved please visit our Projects Blog which is regularly updated by students and volunteers at the Spanish school.
Most important among these youth community development projects is Pop Wuj's scholarship program  for local kids. Once wholly endowed by our student's tuition, the scholarships are now subsidized by private donations from previous students and other supporters.  Through these contributions, Pop Wuj currently provides critical financial assistance to approximately 125 Guatemalan students. Many of our scholarship recipients are from rural areas where associated education costs would prohibit the completion of their education.
Volunteer Work
Youth Community Development