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Are you an interested student who isn't able to travel to Guatemala to participate in the full Pop Wuj experience?

Are you a former Pop Wuj student who would like to continue studying Spanish after returning home?

Or perhaps you're planning a trip to Xela and would like to jump start your Spanish studies?

Are you looking for high-quality, one-on-one online Spanish classes with experienced teachers?

If so, check out Pop Wuj's new Spanish program, Spanish Online!

The Advantage of Online Spanish Classes
Online Spanish classes are available via Skype which allows students to see and hear their teacher as well as see the written notes from the teacher.  

Teachers use various tools during individualized classes, including Dropbox, links, and emailed documents.  

High-Quality Instruction with Experienced Teachers
Our teachers are all native speakers specially trained to teach Spanish as a second language.  The teachers have years of experience teaching one-on-one classes in Xela, Guatemala.  All students will complete an evaluation/diagnostic test to determine the level and needs of each student.

After the evaluation, the teacher and student will develop a learning plan according to the needs and wishes of the student.  

Students can choose the open course or the intensive weekly course depending on their schedule and availability.   Because all classes are conducted online, students are able to study from home, work, or anywhere with an internet connection.  We recommend the use of headphones to improve the sound quality of the class.

Individual Spanish classes in your home country can cost three to four times as much as one-on-one classes through Pop Wuj's online program.  Pop Wuj offers a number of options to our online students.  Open packages are available with as few as 5 hours to as many as 50 hours.  Intensive weekly courses are available for two or three hours per day.  

Program Details
Pop Wuj offers two types of online classes: Open Courses and Intensive Weekly Courses.  

Open Courses
Open courses can be scheduled on a flexible basis, Monday-Sunday, 8am-8pm (Central Standard Time).  Pop Wuj offers a discounted rate for students who purchase an Open Course of 25 hours or more.   

Open Course Options:

Hours      Rate/Hour      Subtotal        10% Fee*    Total Cost
    5            $12              $60               $6              $66
   10           $12              $120              $12            $132
   15           $12              $180              $18            $198
   20           $12              $240              $24            $264
   25           $10              $250              $25            $275
   30           $10              $300              $30            $330
   35           $10              $350              $35            $385
   40           $10              $400              $40            $440
   45           $10              $450              $45            $495
   50           $10              $500              $50            $550

Intensive Weekly (5-day) Courses
Intensive Weekly Courses are similar to the weekly course that we offer in Guatemala, with a set number of hours per day at a set time each day.   The intensive weekly course expires one week after your first class.

Intensive Weekly Course classes must be held on the day and time agreed upon by the student and the teacher.  If a student is not online at the start of the class, the student forfeits this time.   Intensive Weekly Course classes can be scheduled anytime Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm (Central Standard Time).

The rate for the intensive courses is $10/hour.  All payments must be received before classes begin.  Twenty-four hour notice is required to reschedule, otherwise the student will be charged for those hours.  No refunds will be given for unused hours or missed class time due to the student not being available/online at the time of the class.  Pop Wuj will make up any missed time due to power outage in Xela or technical problems at Pop Wuj.  

Intensive Weekly Course Options:

Hours/course     Hours/day     Subtotal     10% fee     Total Cost
       10                    2              $100           $10           $110
       15                    3              $150           $15           $165

Diagnostic Test
After purchasing your online course, we ask that you complete and submit a diagnostic test which will help determine your level and will be used to create your study plan.  Before your first class you will meet with your teacher to discuss your diagnostic results/Spanish level, interests, and schedule.

Connect with us via Skype!
All classes are held via Skype.  Visit to create a free account.   

Payment for online classes is accepted via GuatePay, a secure online payment service.  There is a 10% service fee.  We will send you full payment details after you confirm which course you would like to purchase.

All payments must be received before classes begin.  The open courses expire six months from the date of purchase.  No refunds will be given for unused hours.   

Pop Wuj will make up any missed time due to power outage in Xela or technical problems at Pop Wuj.  

If you are not online and available 15 minutes after the start of the scheduled class, the scheduled hours will be forfeited.  Pop Wuj requires 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule a scheduled class.  Please contact and your assigned teacher via email if you need to reschedule your class.
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