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Pop Wuj - Spanish School Guatemala

The school offers intensive One-to-One Spanish instruction by highly qualified teachers, Homestay with a local family so you can immerse yourself into the Spanish language and come to know the warmth of Guatemalan Hospitality.
Learn Spanish while helping the people of Guatemala through a host of Volunteer opportunities in our Community Development Projects.

The Spanish School - Who we are

The Spanish School is owned and operated as a non-profit organization by the teachers, Pop Wuj’s community spirit creates a welcoming environment for students to learn Spanish and immerse themselves in an enriching cultural experience.  Practice your Spanish as you work side by side with the Guatemalan people building stoves, supporting the kids in our Family Support Center by helping with their homework or helping out at our medical clinic.
Welcome to Pop Wuj

Spanish Courses - What our Spanish School has to offer

Pop Wuj - Spanish School Guatemala offers a variety of Spanish Courses to suit your personal needs and preferences:

Spanish Immersion Course - Learn Spanish with intensive one-to-one Spanish classes and homestay in a Guatemalan family to immerse yourself into the Spanish Language

Medical Spanish Program - Learn Medical Spanish through intensive One-to-One Tuition with a supplemental curriculum for Medical Spanish. The Medical Spanish Program provides health and medical education as well as clinical experience in the Pop Wuj Medical Clinic and with midwives in Guatemala. Suitable for elective rotation.

Social Work Spanish Program - Experience Spanish Immersion as a full time volunteer in the Pop Wuj community development projects incl. children volunteer work and youth community development.

Spanish for Teachers  - This Immersion course is designed for elementary, middle and high school teachers, as well as students and professionals in the educational field interested in immersion and gaining teaching experience. Learn and share education methods with Guatemalan teachers and teach study techniques to Guatemalan children in urban schools in the highlands of Guatemala.

Spanish Online  –  This option is designed for students who cannot travel to Guatemala for the full Pop Wuj experience, students who want to jumpstart their studies before arriving at Pop Wuj, and former Pop Wuj students who would like to continue their studies.
Indigenous Girl Guatemala


Due to high elevation, the mosquito (Aedes aegypti) that carries Zika as well as dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever, and other diseases is NOT present in the city of Xela (officially called Quetzaltenango) nor the highland communities where Pop Wuj runs community projects.

Zika cases have been reported in other parts of Guatemala, and Pop Wuj encourages all students to take safety precautions if they plan to travel to lower elevations during their free time. The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) warns that women who are or may soon be pregnant need to take special precautions and recommends that travelers in areas with Zika take steps to prevent mosquito bites such as wearing long sleeves/pants, using bug spray, and using screens or mosquito nets. Travelers should also remember that Zika can be sexually transmitted.

Our Student Coordinator is on hand to discuss travel plans, questions, or any concerns you might have at
Special Notice about the Zika Virus